Pay For Performance

At PredictAd, we make sure every dollar of your advertising budget brings you results. Displaying your ads in an action-based environment ensures that you are only billed when visitors see your ad and react to it.

Focal Zone

"Banner blindness"? Not with PredictAd. PredictAd places a non-obtrusive ads right where the visitor is looking and performing an action – guaranteeing higher click and conversion rates!

Timing Is Everything

Visitors are exposed to PredictAd’s content before they land on the website’s search results landing page. That means your message can be there first, triggering the action you need.

Stats & Control

PredictAd's robust admin area provides you with all the reports and tools you need to track performance and efficiently manage your ad campaigns.


PredictAd allows you to select your target audience by geographic location and to place advertisements in the relevant language of your target audience.

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