PredictAd Advertising Terms of Service

This guide provides PredictAd advertisers with the information necessary to better understand PredictAd rules and relevancy standards so that they can make the best use of their advertising dollars at PredictAd. Advertiser search terms will be accepted only if the conditions below are met and maintained. Failure to abide by these advertiser guidelines could result in the termination of the account.

Keyword Limitation

By default, PredictAd limits the number of keywords to 1000 per advertising entity. Advertisers are NOT allowed to open multiple accounts to circumvent this rule. If they do, all accounts will be closed.
Please note that this rule will NOT apply to all advertisers, if you are promoting a site and need to add more then 1000 keywords please contact customer support and provide details about your website and examples of keywords and bids you want to add in excess of 1000.

Title and Description

Titles and descriptions must be relevant, not only to the website submitted, but to the keyword the website is listed under.

Example: If the title and description only describes "computers" then you cannot submit the keyword "travel" for your site.

1. Advertisers are allowed to use unique (multiple) titles, descriptions, and URLs to advertise the same unique URL or website address.
2. Titles and descriptions in all capital letters are not allowed. Capital letters can only be used for grammatical purposes.
3. URLs or website addresses cannot be advertised in titles or in descriptions to persuade people to type in the web address
    instead of clicking on our link. Phone numbers cannot be displayed in the title or description only.
4. Use of a competitor's Company and/or product name in your title or description is strictly prohibited.

General or Specific Keywords and Site Content

Be sure that your search terms are relevant to the content on your site. Advertisers who choose general terms or phrases often do so for ideas or guidance on general topics. Surfers who search for specific terms or phrases do so because they have an interest in a specific topic.
The search terms and phrases you select must describe the website you have submitted and not the consumers of your product, service or information provided.

Search terms must reflect the content of the website. Inserting a search term or phrase on a website for the sole purpose of having a reference to that term or phrase is grounds for the search term and listing to be automatically deleted.

Following this guideline will assure not only better service for our users, but also better performance from your advertising campaigns.

Illegal Content

Websites containing illegal content are not accepted on We will not accept payment for delivering prospective buyers of illegal items. For example, child pornography, bestiality, illegal drugs and non-prescription online pharmacies are strictly prohibited.

"Mapping" of Keywords

If you select the misspelling of search terms or phrases and those misspelled keywords spell another word and your website does not pertain to the misspelling of your term or phrase, you will be dropped from that misspelling's category.

Example: If a user is searching for wedding and accidentally types in weeding, the user will not find any material related to weddings, but lots of material on weeding. Wedding sites will not be allowed to purchase the keyword "weeding" as a sample misspelling, nor will weeding sites be allowed to purchase the keyword "wedding."

Keywords and key phrases that have not been searched for on PredictAd or within its partner network in the previous three months will be automatically deleted from advertisers' account upon submission, and a notification will appear in the advertiser's admin.

Links as Content

Websites must provide content relevant to the chosen keyword. Websites with hyperlinks that direct surfers to websites with relevant content are not sufficient, and as a result, your keyword will be deleted.

Example: If your website provides money management content and has a link to an Internet weather service, your site cannot be listed under the keyword "weather."

Site Ownership

PredictAd advertisers must own the website submitted for placement and be able to verify ownership.

Duplicate Keywords for Multiple Pages

No duplicate websites may appear under the same keyword. In order to maintain quality search results for our surfers, we do not allow duplicate URL listings for the same search return list.

This includes but is not limited to:

The websites with the same domain, such as and sub page for a more targeted keyword may not both appear for the same keyword. Only one page may be displayed for each search term. Choose the most targeted page for the keyword.

"Popup" and "Pop-Under" Advertising

PredictAd does not allow advertisers to bid on search terms that are located in pop-up or pop-under windows. The search terms that you have selected must appear within three clicks of the submitted page, or the advertiser must submit the URL in which the keyword or topic can be found.

Promoting a Search Engine

Search engines are welcome to advertise on PredictAd. Similar to regular advertisers, however, search engines are only allowed to bid on terms relevant to the service that they provide.

Auction, Portal, and Shopping Websites

Auction, shopping, and portal websites are allowed to advertise on PredictAd. However, these advertisers may only bid on keywords relevant to the content of their sites. Keywords must exactly describe the service offered.

Payment Options

1. A $25 minimum deposit is required to open an account. The initial $25 are then refunded to the advertiser in advertising clicks.
   We accept payment via credit card (Visa, MasterCard).
2. The minimal cost per click on a content Network website is 0.05 USD including VAT
3. Upon request, Wire Transfers will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact for consideration
    and Wire Transfer details. Considerations: Length of relationship, monthly spending, credit history, amount transferred, & location.

Maximum Search Terms per Account and reporting

Advertisers are allowed a maximum of 1,000 search terms in each account.
Do NOT open multiple accounts to bid on more than the maximum keywords allowed.
Keywords can be self-uploaded using the dedicated space in your admin.
Contact customer support if you would like to add more than 1,000 keywords by using our formatted mass submission spreadsheet.
PredictAd maintains statistical data within your account and features an advanced reporting module to help advertisers manage and optimize campaigns.


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