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Enhance and share your search

PredictAd helps web publishers enhance their site search engine, and share it with their users.
With PredictAd, you can create a free search completion tool for your site. Users can choose to download and take your add-on with them, to instantly get:

  • Site specific search completion for every site they search
  • Quick links back to your site for your relevant keywords
  • Access to your website's search from any search box on the web

Increased User Loyalty

Your users value your content, and are constantly looking for tools to make access to it easier.
Allowing users to download your search completion add-on is like allowing them to take your search box with them wherever they go.
Dynamic links to your content will be displayed in context to relevant keywords while the user is typing in any search box - bringing users back to your site, even when visiting competitor sites.
PredictAd allows you to customize your search completion tool, get search analytics and track performance – all in real time.

Engaged where it Matters

The secret to providing a good service is to provide it at the right moment and in the right place. Unlike other tools, search completion is there only when called for. It appears during search and your users can setup their own settings to determine when and where to use the tool. In addition, your links are magically displayed only when your users are searching for content that is relevant to your site, so your links appear before any other link or search result – and you are getting first access to your users.

Search Analytics

In depth reporting and analytics on search queries are instantly available in your admin area. All the information you need to better understand your users, and improve your service to them.

Generate More Revenue

If it's by bringing back users and increasing your page views or displaying contextual ads within your search completion tool – Predictad will help you generate new revanues form exiting traffic and users. PredictAd's publishers earn more. Join now and get paid with every new user that installs your search add-on.

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