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Toolbars & Softwares

Enhance your software or Toolbar

Predictad helps developers and distributors enhance their offering with a value added feature, and create new revenue opportunities.

If it's a windows application or a toolbar – we've got good news for you:

PredictAd does not change or interact with any of the user's existing preferences. Predictad is a completely new feature, that helps the user enjoy the search experience he likes – with every search he performs.

PredictAd empowers your application to interact with users' search where it is actually performed – on the web, exposing it to larger search volumes and increasing your application's value and potential.

A much needed service

Search completion is a service users appreciate.
With all major search engines already offering search completion, it has already become a service standard.
Search completion benefits are:

  • Speed up search
  • Help users avoid spelling mistakes or typos
  • Exposure to additional search topics and new ideas

PredictAd helps your users enjoy this improved experience by enabling site-specific search completion for every in-site search they perform.

Create a new revenue stream with PredictAd

PredictAd creates a new revenue stream, not replacing or competing with any of your current channels.
PredictAd opens the door to a brand new stream of search traffic without changing existing user settings, and by improving your service.

Our partners earn based on the add-on installations and performance. The more value you provide for your users, the higher your revenues are.
Get started now! create your PredictAd search completion here.