Search Monetization

Provide an enhanced experience and generate new search revenues with PredictAd.

Once approved to our advertising program, PredictAd places unobtrusive contextual ads below your community-powered search suggestions.

    -     Earn revenue while helping your users find what they’re           looking for on your site.
    -     Tune search suggestions and ads to your site's content and           audience.
    -     Maximize your website's potential, without making design           compromises

Affiliate earnings:
If a publisher signs up for PredictAd through a referral from your site than you'll earn 10% of their earnings for life!

New! Sell ads directly into PredictAd and earn more

With PredictAd's new self-provisioning ad sales you boost your PredictAd revenues by 20% or more, and be innovative by offering a new engaging real estate to your advertisers.