Are you using Google or Yahoo for your site search?

Now you can earn more with PredictAd!

PredictAd is a great tool because it helps your users find what they're searching for easier and more effectively. By offering relevant search suggestions PredictAd guides your user's decision-making process quickly and accurately - improving the user experience on your site, and helping you maximize your search revenues. How?

PredictAd's search suggestions affect search in two significant ways:

A. PredictAd narrows the long tail search keywords

By displaying community-powered suggestions PredictAd automatically promotes the most popular search terms on your site. Remember! Popular keywords are the ones that advertisers pay the most for. By helping direct the user's search process, they are more likely to search for more valuable keywords, and increase your search engine earnings!

B. PredictAd reduces typos and misspells

Search engine marketers (SEM) often bid on misspelled keywords on Google and Yahoo, because there is less competition and lower bids – meaning less revenue for you! PredictAd reduces typos and misspellings by offering the right keyword as you type. This ensures that the search results page will contain the ads that pay the most and that are most relevant to the user's search query.

With PredictAd your visitors will make less spelling mistakes, meaning better search results, and more revenue from your sponsored text ads.