Refine Search

Improves search functionality on your website leading to more page views and a better user experience.


Once approved to our advertising program, PredictAd places unobtrusive contextual advertisements next to search suggestions (application within). These ads yield high click and conversion rates, to max your site's potential.

Collaborative Filtering

With PredictAd you expose your visitors to additional topics of interest from your website community and content.

Plug & Play

Simply copy and paste a short piece of code into your site to implement. It's that easy. No programming or hardware needed.
We also support, TypePad and WordPress

Search Analytics

In depth reporting and analytics on search queries are instantly available in your admin area. All the information you need to better understand your visitors.

Site Specific Tag Cloud

With PredictAd you get a custom tag cloud, exposing visitors to relevant topics of interest they share with your website's community.

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